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Av Gary Fraser - 19 november 2008 22:48

Well its sorta strange I guess, there's so much i wanna write about, but so little comes to my fingertips.

Training tonight went rather well, which I'm pleased about, its the first decent one I've had in a while, was almost late, as the exhaustion from work has finally caught up with me. Lots happening now, and most of it negative, but trying to turn it around and make my job that little bit easier. It's hard though when there are people whom you just can't rely on to do a good job. It's a source of high-stress just now, and something I need to remedy soon before it starts to create issues for me personally.

Asides from that, feeling reasonably relaxed, I slept the whole early evening (4 hours) so feel like I can wake up tomorrow and be ok.

 Hopefully tomorrow I can sit down and write something "bloglike" there's opinions I want to share, but today its getting too late, and I need to wake up in 6-7 hours.

Av Gary Fraser - 19 november 2008 22:44

Ok, I've been procrastinating long enough, time to get serious on this.

Tuesday the 25th, shall I undertake the final step in my weight loss plan, the aim is to go down to 80kg max. As well as to work on improving my fitness.

So on Tuesday, will my first weight be written in (or maybe wednesday, because I can't buy anything until after work on Tuesday). And from there, will there be a daily entry on if I've stuck to the food regime, and what I've done for exercise, feelings etc.

So, until Tuesday, this category will remain a little empty....

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