Alla inlägg den 6 december 2008

Av Gary Fraser - 6 december 2008 11:02

Well, another day at work coming up, Saturday. A little tired of working weekends all the time, but I think I am free next weekend (and am refusing to check my schedule to verify this) so something to aim for there.

Feeling a bit odd, had a feeling of desertion last night later in the evening. It's a new feeling for me, but there you have it. There's not much that can be done about it I guess, so I think the feeling will just go away in time.

Asides from another rather tough week at work, things are progressing mostly. The weight loss has stagnated a little, due to a few dinners that I've had (rather naughtily, although only one meal which would qualify as "bad"). Since I'm planning an evening out this evening, I guess I can hop back on the bandwagon again tomorrow and try and proceed with the weightloss. My weight is holding around 87, which means I'm still down 3 kilo, so I can try and keep it there for today, and work on dropping again from tomorrow.

Working on an idea of a trip to Paris in January, not sure if it will happen yet, and trying to convince someone to come with me, since going to see something that you've dreamed about your whole life, and not having anyone to experience it with, isn't such a great feeling. I remember when I first went to Sydney, and I was on my own. It wasn't such a great feeling standing at the Opera House, and thinking "Gee I wish my family or friends were here to share this with me".

I guess its time to get dressed and get a move on to work, plenty to do today I'm sure.

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