Alla inlägg den 18 december 2008

Av Gary Fraser - 18 december 2008 19:47

Dreaming away another afternoon

With you in my arms in some far away place

We talk about nothing and everything together

And I do what I can for that smile on your face

That time now seems so long ago
And another seems to hold you dear

I sometimes draw my own conclusion

That you no longer want to hold me dear

Had I know before that this would be

That you would no longer dream of me

Then maybe I would have opened my eyes

Instead of pondering hows and whys

Whats done is done, it cannot change

And life without you now seems strange

When once it seemed life offered plenty

It now seems cold, dark, and empty

The pain will die, the dreams will fade

And thoughts of you might go away

But one can grow old and one may die

And I will know I was your guy.

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