Alla inlägg den 20 december 2008

Av Gary Fraser - 20 december 2008 11:07

Well judging by the writing of the past week or so, anyone who reads this has an idea of whats going on in my head (or maybe not). It hasn't been a good week for me, emotionally, which culminated in a 2 hour phone call back home where I basically was nearly in tears the whole time.

With christmas looming, naturally I miss my family. And yes, right now I am very homesick, and not looking forward to the christmas/new years period. Not only because of work, but because of the fact that my old life with my family and friends in New Zealand is gone, and its not ever likely to return again.

This week has been a week of "what if?" and the alternatives running through my head have not been positive at all. So outside of work I've sorta done a self-imposed exile (football training excepted) and mostly it has worked well, even if I do feel a little lonely, but that will be something I just have to get used to I think.

Asides from that, there isn't much to report, the disaster that has been work over the past three weeks is starting to come right, and I'm hoping for better improvements so as that when it comes to the first week of the new year, everything is back on track again.

I guess I better get up, and get ready for work.


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