Alla inlägg den 25 december 2008

Av Gary Fraser - 25 december 2008 23:27

Well its another xmas day.

Been quiet today, was in at work for a few hours, and achieved remarkably little.

Went to Madde's this afternoon and watched a dvd, and I struggled to hold my attention to it. Movie itself was fine, but I really felt a bit detached today. I wish I could pinpoint it, but it was hard to "feel" happy. We had a few laughs, and hopefully, enjoyed one-anothers company, but I still left feeling a bit like a third wheel. It wasn't anything anyone said or did, it just felt that way. Nowadays I feel like a third wheel anywhere.

Talked to my nana tonight (mormor to anyone who is swedish and wondering) as well as my mother, was nice, and I had phone calls from both my parents yesterday, but they were rather short (10-20 minutes) and nothing was really said, which sorta left me feeling low.

Battling a cold at the moment, rather unsucessfully it seems, so generally this has been a christmas to forget, not that I did anything to remember anyways.

Time to sleep, must be up in 6 hours for a 10-hour work day, and then a two day "weekend" where I will only be at work a maximum of 3 hours hopefully....

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