Alla inlägg den 2 januari 2009

Av Gary Fraser - 2 januari 2009 22:10

Well New Years went well, had a blast with some old friends, and some new ones as well. Got incredibly drunk, and have a vague idea of midnight and its proceedings.

Made some life decisions while waiting for the taxi (which was 40 minutes, so had plenty of time to think). I have said I was tired of people who were bad for me, so I have made that cut, and it feels good. I have decided I don't need anyone, and I feel so much lighter for it. People are welcome to come into my life, but I won't take any shit anymore, and thats what I will try to hold on to as a life choice.

Cricket begins soon, and Football too I think, so looking forward to a busy month while I improve my fitness, and FINALLY try and get rid of the belly, of which is yet again the result of another aborted diet (due to sickness and minor depression).

Work is shit, I actually have begun feeling bad before I go into work. I think its mostly because I'm so damn tired, I work way too many hours, and now my body is packing up, not really enjoying it at all. I really need to cut back, and soon, possibly with a holiday somewhere.

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