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Av Gary Fraser - 1 maj 2009 21:14

Yet another late late update....I had actually written one out before this one, but the browser crashed, so now its going to be shorter

Personal life, thats going ok, still seeing someone who is wonderful in every way. We have our ups and downs, but I still love the fact thats she's sweet and caring, and as patient as she can be, although I know I frustrate the hell out of her sometimes.

Work life: well thats shit, and its just getting worse. I'm stuck with people who don't want to work, hate the organisation, and a management which has no touch with the workers, then there is me stuck in the middle. It's getting harder, and to be honest, my self-confidence in my ability to work there is now zero, I hate my job, and I'm sad that nothing seems to be able to fix the slide I'm feeling at work.

Sports life: Well, thats taken a curious turn, I'm now a forward (and scoring too!) and it feels nice to be out and about playing in the field again. My confidence in my sporting ability has increased, although two matches without a goal has limited that somewhat.

Asides from that, off to Manchester on thursday, to see my dad, its going to be nice to see family again, I'm a little sad that the lady can't come, but will do my best to enjoy the holiday anyways.

Time to get a wriggle on.

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