Alla inlägg den 7 september 2009

Av Gary Fraser - 7 september 2009 11:17

Standing here, all alone

On my deserted Island

Wondering where you've gone

Beautiful as the highlands

Enclosed by dangerous waters

Where creatures lurk within them

Thoughts of jumping headfirst in

At the memorys of my heaven

Dreams come near and flutter by

Pointing at the history

Then sadness creeps within my soul

Reminding what you meant to me

Words are often  hard to come by

Each time I see your face

Because deep within, no matter what

You've built yourself a place

So sitting here among these sands

That pass as quick as time

I'll reminisce and wonder 'bout

That time that you were mine.

Far off to the sunset

The island drifts away

My body quivers, starts to shake

As night takes over day.

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