Alla inlägg den 10 september 2009

Av Gary Fraser - 10 september 2009 22:33

Crap, lost everything I wrote, stupid laptop.

One thing I can't understand about things.

I only need two things to be happy in a relationship (or just to be with someone, for those who are scared of that r word), to feel wanted, and to feel valued.

So why is that so hard to deliver? I open up, I am as honest as I can be, and I try. And I get met with what seems to be a stone wall.

We had so much fun up until she went away, and when she comes back, it's like there's an excuse for every reason why we shouldn't be still doing the same. And thats all it is, excuses. There's no logical reason why we shouldn't be seeing each other, unless there's somebody else, which has been denied, or she just doesn't care for me like that anymore, which I often wonder.....

I dunno....why does this need to be so complicated?

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