Alla inlägg den 14 september 2009

Av Gary Fraser - 14 september 2009 22:59

Night times are the worst for me. I hate being alone at night.

The mind races with past events, future problems, stress, too much energy, problems I have now. Feelings for people, and quite simply, it amplifies how alone I feel here.

I love being in Sweden, but I hate feeling so isolated. I've over relied on someone and it feels like thats gone down the hole, despite my best attempts to save it, and the feelings I have. And even though I still feel that I'm independant, I feel the need to lean on someone sometimes, but unfortunately, the lack of trust means it's impossible.

Not exactly sure where to go from here, I got work permit issues, money issues, emotional problems, and trust problems. Not even the "closest" people around me here can I trust anymore it seems......

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