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nu är det dags...

Av Gary Fraser - 22 september 2009 20:43

Ok, time to sort this out now.

Tomorrow I will:

- Clean the house

- Apply for the jobs I've been thinking about

- Do the washing from 15-18, during cycles, complete ALL of the dishes.

- Get the dog, and take him for a walk/run depending on how I feel (although right now thats not very well)

- Start to put the wheels in motion for the backup plans

- Work out a budget for the next month, and possibly longer

- Put the car on blocket

- Have a shave

- MAYBE pluck up the courage to talk to the girl upstairs (although that ones doubtful)

- Ring my mother, when I wake up, since i haven't talked to her ages, and I know she's worried sick

- Talk to an old friend that I haven't talked to in a while (and I hope she still keeps in touch with the blog, despite how depressing it is)

- Talk to the temping agencies

- Talk to the job coaching agency, of whom should have made contact yesterday, but i'd forgotten about it

- At least try and smile 3 times

- Ignore the paranoid thoughts about the ex, it's not helping, she's made her choices, as much as I hate it.

- Get quotes for moving to New Zealand, England, and within Europe (although if I move within europe, I will probably organise it myself)

- Do a little släktforskning on Susannas file, although not half as much as I've been doing lately, but the progress has been nice to be honest.

I think thats about it for now. I feel a bit more driven than normal, maybe its the old me coming back? too early to tell


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