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Av Gary Fraser - 29 september 2009 10:54

Well another day.....yeah thats about it, another day...

Starting to get used to being on my own, talking to more people on MSN, but still completely alone here. Really need to clean but so totally unmotivated. I am disappointed with certain "friends" who I've always gotta push for a conversation, ever since the breakup, they had promised that they wouldn't get involved, but now, some people who were so close, seem so far now. On the flip side, made two new friends on the weekend, and have gotten in touch with two old ones from "before-her" time, so I guess its sorta evening it out a little. Haven't heard from her in nearly a week, things are easier now I guess, except for when I see her name, then I tend to get a little sad for a while. I guess I've turned from sad to disappointed there too, both for myself and for her, I saw something in her that made her irresistable to me, but then she wanted to find ways out of it which made it appear like she was trying. I'm used to disappointments in my life, and sadly, she's just one more.

Jobcoaching starts on Wednesday, will be interested to see how that works itself out. I shouldn't have any expectations, but hoping it will result in something. I sorta want to work in another country, but I also don't want to leave my cat Brydolf to anyone else, we have fun together and he can be really cool sometimes (and sometimes really annoying, with his little fetishes)

I have a great desire to go travelling, if I get the job i'm hoping for, I'm gonna take a week off first and go to Paris or Barcelona or even Lisbon, I'd like to see somewhere different. And just break the monotony of this place, get away from all the bad shit thats happened in the past 2 months. Even if it means that I'll have to do it alone, although of course I would love to be able to take someone else with me.....Paris anyone? :P


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