Alla inlägg den 7 oktober 2009

Av Gary Fraser - 7 oktober 2009 12:29

Been quiet, I guess, these past few days. Was supposed to have a job coaching thing wrong, but have a cold (and got the time wrong) so ended up staying home.

Did my good deed for the month yesterday dropping Nilla over some McDonalds, given she's so sick....glad she liked it anyways :) Was just a flyby visit, so it doesn't count.... :P

Spent a large part of the evening with Frida again last night before dropping her in Fyllinge, played Guitar Hero, which, I thought was already apparent, but this just confirmed, I suck at!

Got a bit lazy, and I was supposed to reply to an email about the job in Prague last Friday, but only did it this morning. I dunno why, just lack motivation to actually go forward. The whole missing the meeting thing this morning doesn't help things either.

Nothing planned for the rest of the week. So HOPEFULLY I'll get some job applications in, and finish cleaning this place. It's still messy, but at the same time probably the cleanest its been for a while.

Once the cold has passed, I really have to get back into running again, and working out in the cycle n weights. Don't want to pile on the weight even more.

And to you. Yes I still do miss you, and think about you daily.

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