Alla inlägg den 13 oktober 2009

Av Gary Fraser - 13 oktober 2009 01:29

Been a busy enough time, haven't written much lately.

Been hanging out with Frida a lot, we were in Hässlöv on Sunday walking the fajst, and had a dvd tonight with way too much junk food because she was feeling down. Hope the movie n stuff made her feel better.

Asides from that, not a huge deal happening, tried mending bridges with Sanna, but doesn't look like that worked so well. She's going away again soon, so guess it's probably for the better. Sometimes just wish for the times when we lay in bed and watching tv or cuddling

Anyways, hopefully going to find work tomorrow, trying to be positive. Thanks to those who have been supportive to me lately. Although I know it's not easy to be around me sometimes, those who have stuck by me, have been true friends and thats something one doesn't forget wherever they go.

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