Alla inlägg den 18 oktober 2009

Av Gary Fraser - 18 oktober 2009 04:21

Yeap, was out n about tonight, with Christian, Johan and a new friend called Mats. Was fun, although they got tired of my messaging.....

Started at Johans place, around 7.30, and well before 11, I was cut. Stumbling into town, we ended up at Roberts Coffee, and I met up with Shaheed, whom I worked with from Skandia Transport. We caught up, and then I met one of his cute friends, whom I chatted to for a while :) Got an SMS that Sanna was in town, and that's when I started to get a bit dragged down.

On the way to Bond, ran into Madde, and chatted (and got a hug or three) from her, was great to see someone I knew, but also sad at the same time, given the links.... We had a quick chat before I pushed on to Bond with the other guys. In bond, Danced a fair bit, and Madde and I caught up again, but couldn't stop thinking that she might come to bond, worse still, I wanted to go down there and do something pathetic, like beg to take her with me or when they decided that maybe they were going to push on to another place (the corner or morfars), I decided that it was time I went home. Feeling pretty blue, hopped in a taxi, and came home.

Talked with dad a bit, as I tend to do these days every time I end up on the booze. We discussed the realities of my situation with work n stuff, I know he's tired about hearing about Sanna, so we didn't really touch on that, just discussed football, and he's trying to keep me focussed on my next step, so that I can stay in europe and live my dream a little longer.

Anyways, its 4.30am, I gotta get some sleep

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