Alla inlägg den 21 oktober 2009

Av Gary Fraser - 21 oktober 2009 00:39

Well, it's been an interesting day, for one where I didn't get much jobsearching done. Basically ended up sleeping on and off until midday, before around 3pm, going out to walk with Annelie. It was nice, we'd been talking quite a lot since before the weekend, and decided to go out for a walk today. Passing through town, out to Rotorp, and then back through Skepparegatan, and she's moving in next door to my old place, which is sorta random) and then back to the car.  A short break before another walk this time out towards Östra Stranden, was cold, and we forever thought we were being stalked, but mysigt none-the-less.

Somehow, the time sorta disappeared, and ended up at home around 10.30pm to warm up after over 2 hours out in the cold. Climbing into bed now, and planning out tomorrows actions. Got the jobbcoaching thing at 1pm tomorrow...mustn't be late to that.

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