Alla inlägg den 26 oktober 2009

Av Gary Fraser - 26 oktober 2009 11:54

A few months back, I met a girl, who, to this day, I believe as being stupidly beautiful. She was and is, probably the prettiest girl I've ever met. Which causes problems.

Everyone I've met since, just doesn't's so stupid... since I know I'll never have this girl, or even get any interest....she's just someone I met, and occasionally...(and through the loss of words) talk why do I compare others?? I don't  understand.

In other news...Had a busy weekend. After work drinks on Friday, followed by contact from Frida, asking for a place to crash, so had a guest on my sofa. Up early the next morning playing good samaritan and driving her to work, I ended up hanging out with her again on Saturday night....but came home quite early. Sunday, well that was more relaxed, had Nilla around to watch the United-Liverpool game, which, the game itself was VERY disappointing, but with Pizza and lots of laughs, made it an enjoyable experience. A little shopping later resulted in a quiet end to the weekend.

Have a computer desk now, which is going to result in a lot of tidying of the balcony :) Well beyond time in my opinion.

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