Alla inlägg den 4 november 2009

Av Gary Fraser - 4 november 2009 22:46

Finally some good news.

Got two job interviews today. One on friday for a job in Prague, and another with Servera here in Halmstad. Looking forward to both to be honest, but if I get offered both, without doubt, I'll be on the first plane to Prague. They're looking for someone to start there ASAP, so basically I'll be offering to be on my way down there next week if they want me.

It feels good to feel wanted again, when for the past 4-5 months, no matter where I've been, I've felt unwanted and unneeded, both in work and personal life.

If it doesn't work out, then I think due to contacts I have a good chance at the Servera job, just tell them that I'm desperate to work (which I am) and get in the door there, get rid of the debt, and then start again.

Asides from that, there's always some soap opera happening here.  Found out that one (or two) of my friends are real hypocrites. Say one thing, do the other, and just feel the need to lie to make themselves feel better (and ultimately me feel worse). At least its easier to communicate with someone if you know they're fake.

Looking forward to my future though, and feeling positive that within 7 days I'll have an idea where I'm going.

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