Alla inlägg den 9 november 2009

Av Gary Fraser - 9 november 2009 22:07

Nothing but good news today, all the interviews went perfectly, with perfect results....Servera in Halmstad signed me up on the spot basically, just waiting to hear back on the starting date/time.

The other interview went off without a hitch too, and its looking positive that I will be offered one of the two positions available there.  However....there's a few words to describe the feelings right now....I'm undecided as to what I want to do. One job I would take purely based on emotion, the other, is the logical step forward....until today, It's always been the logical job that has been hands down favourite if I got offered both....but I dunno







As you can see, been taking in a little bit of a new language, thank god for gadgets on Vista.  

I should be really bouncy and happy and know that my future in europe is least one way or another...but meh...I sorta wish something would happen which would make the decision for me, but life isn't made out to be that way.

Friday is the day I have to make the big call, have a meeting with the job coach to discuss options, and maybe a few more interviews.

To Agneta: Thanks for the kind comments, its nice to know I have a reader....if I may call you that :)

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