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Av Gary Fraser - 12 november 2009 01:58

Well, its 2am, and I'm up, minds just ticking over incessantly.....thinking about everything, especially now things are starting to dawn on me.

Thinking about two jobs, the pros and cons. Mostly the pros, and I'm leaning more and more towards the career job, and why shouldn't I, I sorta left my career a bit when I moved here, and haven't had much opportunity to reignite it, and sadly, in the current ciimate here, I won't find much opportunity. And therein lies the problems. If I take the career job, I have to take in all the expenses that will come with it, less pay, moving costs, logistics of the move, how I'll make social contacts there (already found a cricket club ;)) whats it going to be like, and is it going to be a repeat of Brisbane where I was so isolated that I was depressed 90% of the time.

After I've exhausted every "what-if" angle on that, thoughts turn elsewhere, inevitably to her, its stupid.

The thing is, I've had longer relationships, and worse break ups, but I think its the fact that it was so sudden, andm at least from my end, very unexpected. It's only happened once before (with my first ever girlfriend) and break ups like that are hard to take. I think back to the fun times we had, and some of the fun times, which at the same time, weren't so fun at certain points (Leffes comes to mind) and it makes me sad (and very awake)

Asides from that, I'm a little homesick, (and a little sad at the thought of leaving little old Halmstad) but I'll get there I'm sure.


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