Alla inlägg den 21 november 2009

Av Gary Fraser - 21 november 2009 19:23

Having a downer evening tonight.....

Had a really nice afternoon, out at Wapnö with Madde and Mikaela, before heading out to have a fika with Theresia, where we had a good long chat. The break up came up, and it ended up with how I've been dealing since, and the overall conclusion was not so well.

Yeap, still miss her, yeap, still care, yeap, still hurts, but what can I do? Fuck all, Just try to get over it, and accept that I wasn't worthy, or wanted, and that she was just outta my league I guess.

The job situation isn't helping the mood, from promises made to promises broken, I've found I'm back in the interview process. I've been promised at Servera that it's a final interview, however thats not the job I want. The other jobs sorta picking up again next week, and even if I get the Servera job, I don't think I'll close the door on that option completely.

I sometimes think it is time to move on, Halmstads no longer big enough, and I can't go out without feeling sad or stressed, and now its come to the point where more often than not, I'm not even thought of/asked.

I dunno.....everything seems so bleh just now. It's been agreed with Dad that if nothings sorted by the 11th, I'm going home, probably in time for the new year.

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