Alla inlägg den 22 november 2009

Av Gary Fraser - 22 november 2009 23:45

Hasn't been the best of 24 hours.

Went out last night, to go dancing with some friends (its the second time in two weeks I've been out sober) just to end up standing in town for an hour and then going home again. Was really put off by this, especailly since I thought it was all very unnecessary.

Since I came home, I went to bed around 3am-4am, usual time, and have basically just slept, woke up a few times (once around 11, and then intermittently afterwards) and didn't get up until 4pm, and since then, have basically been in bed dozing or have absolute no energy left at all.

The hernia/groin problem has returned, and there's a fair bit of discomfort there right now. None of the signs of last time are there, no lumps, or trouble going to the toilet, nor is it difficult to run (well it is, but not because of that).

All the issues could quite easily just be stress. Right now there's a lot of it, the job situation is NEARLY solved, and I'm in a better position than I was 2 months ago, but that's just it, it's not solved, and it really needs to be soon.

Also, I really do need to revamp my diet. There's serious issues with the way I'm eating and I need to change it, lack of funds makes that difficult, however. So basically I need to find the work to be able to fund the necessary changes needed. It's somewhat of a vicious circle.

I'm guessing a lot of the issues are stress related, and the sooner I resolve the major issues, the easier it will be to slip the stress, and hopefully resolve all the issues.

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