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Is ignorance really bliss?

Av Gary Fraser - 23 november 2009 19:43

Lately I've been reading and watching materials that focus on highlighting the secrets within the US government. From Michael Moores books to a documentary today based on how the government limits the freedom of speech in their country despite their first amendment rights (which guarentee free speech).

It's amazing how ignorant Americans are. They don't understand and have little tolerance to people of Arabic origin. Even though almost every "arab" community within the USA condemned the 9/11 attacks, they're continually persecuted. It's solely a race question, since there was little or no persecution of Germans within the USA after WWI or WWII.,.. 

Admittedly, both in the USA, and worldwide, the arabic communities do little to help themselves in bettering their image. It's hard to say what it is that they can exactly do,  but some positive PR would certainly help their case, both in the states and abroad. People need to learn that they aren't the boogie monsters, just that it's an unfortunate fact that people of that race and creed use their backgrounds as an excuse to wage war.

I have no real way to say this in a nicer way, but the USA had 9/11 coming. Their continued arrogance and ignorance of their surrounding world and environments, as demonstrated here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xD843AXMTJE

The USA required a wake-up call, and for exactly 1 month, they had that wake up call. However, they're still as ignorant as ever. Most of the general population doesn't even know who they're at war with, be it country or man. Their intel is very half-assed and doctored, with no real evidence on anything at all, as was proof in their invasion of Iraq.

So whats this all about? WHY is America so ignorant? Well, it can come down to a multitude of reasons. Lack of education seems to the be the biggest one. The link above shows just how much they know about the world around them, however, another major factor is fear, sensationalised by the media, with a racist overtone.

Racism. That's what causes America to invade other countries. (And Oil or any other strategic resource which they can't produce at home).

The thing is, the USA isn't alone in its racism. Every country is the same, in its own way. Some countries are more tolerant than others. But even Sweden, which appears so multi-cultural on the surface, is secretly just as racist as the USA.

For the first time in my life, even as a white person, I am in the minority. It's impossible to find an "educated" job as a foreigner here. So impossible I have given up looking for educated work in Sweden, and have decided that my work future lies elsewhere. Sure, if I obtain a labouring job here, I will occupy the position for a period of time, but If I wish to pursue my career, I have to leave. Pure and simple.

In over 100 "Office" job applications, not once have I ever qualified for an interview. Yet in 3 job applications overseas for similar or higher ranked positions than those here, I have achieved an interview each time. Now one cannot say that is coincidence. Had those jobs overseas existed here in Sweden, I could be guarenteed a "thanks but no thanks" email (if that).

Yet what fuels this behaviour? Just like the USA, it's ignorance. Sweden and Swedish employers believe that their education, and their people are superior to any other race in the world.

How many people of "foreign education and lineage" find themselves in positions of power in this country? Not many. Even the Svenska Fotboll Förbundet (national soccer association) has refused to look outside of Scandinavia for its next coach. Sweden is one of the few countries left who has yet to employ a foreign manager in the past 20 years (if at all). Yet the coaches being employed are not of high calibre. Lagerbäck was definitely not world class, and for the past 8 years has punched above his weight. Of course it was going to catch up with him sooner or later. Yet the arrogance and ignorance displayed by the nations media has only galvanised the ignorance in the people. Reading Aftonbladet, the national newspaper, and Metro, a free newspaper here, before the match against Denmark, which ultimately doomed Sweden's world cup bid, both papers said that Sweden was a class above Denmark, neverminding the fact Denmark led the group, quite comfortably might I add, and had several stars in the top league of Europe, and, probably most crucially, they had a TEAM SPIRIT, which Sweden clearly lacks. Needless to say, as they had been all campaign, Sweden were disappointing and definitely toothless. After that, let the finger pointing begin.

Sweden, as a country, is a great country, I love it here. I like the people, the way of life, the pay packets, and the opportunities that are there, which, maybe one day I'll be able to partake in. And to be honest, Sweden is no different than any other country, be it the USA, the UK, or even little old New Zealand. The problem remains however, how can man resolve this issue?

The human race has a long way to go before "Equal Employment Opportunities". Lets face it, EEO is nothing but a PR load of bullshit. Employers select people based on who will fit into their work culture the best. In white collar work, especially in "first world countries", that is most often white people, or natives. Globalisation is helping this to a substantial degree, and relocating countries is becoming easier and easier, with the language barriers starting to break down. However, we're all still stuck in our prejudices, and we're going to continue to be stuck in those prejudices for many years to come.

I just hope that I see change in my lifetime. Now that I've been a part of that minority, I can be sure that I don't want people around me feeling the way I've been left feeling here.


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