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Planning for the future

Av Gary Fraser - 27 november 2009 23:01

Well. Start a new job on Monday, feels nice to be wanted again. The foreign job is definitely not ruled out however, with an answer coming on Monday.

However, now that I'm assured a stay in Europe, time to start building for the future.

Things Needed

  • New glasses
  • Repairs to or/New Car
  • Gym membership (both companies offer heavily discounted membership, so one way or the other I'm able to get one)
  • Brydolfs checkup in January
  • A New PC, Laptops on the blink
  • Haircut

Things Wanted

  • Clear the debt accrued under my time of unemployment.
  • Altnernative hobbies for Friday/Saturday nights, since after this weekend I've decide I won't be going out much anymore, would much rather save money for the upcoming trips planned
  • Money for a trip to South Africa  in June
  • Go home and visit my family
  • New Clothes, mine are getting tatty
  • New Shoes

Decided to cancel my contract with the apartment here in Andersberg. Tired of complaining at the person who owns the lease here to get the washing tag, and now I found out that I was never registered which was promised WAY back in June. Even though my contract is actually illegal with her, since she didn't obtain approval of the buildning owners (HFAB) I've decided to respect my word and follow through on the 3-month quitting period. It sucks a bit, I like it and am comfortable here, but I can't keep going on having to borrow friends washing rooms and helping out friends in return for being able to wash my underwear. It really has gotten to the point where this wasn't working anymore.

Asides from that, worked today, after being up the entire night with stomach cramps, and later insomnia, so came home and napped in the afternoon. Bought my job coach some flowers to thank her for all the work she put in, without her I never would have gotten a job, and she always managed to pick me up when I felt down. I owe her a lot, and when the hope was gone, she restored it.

List of things needed to do to get through until the first pay day (25 Jan)

  • Obtain a loan/bank loan for 15000, to cover expenses and costs for two months, hopefully it will be approved and I can clear the debts I have with Telia and start going forward
  • Get Migrationsverket onside and let them know that I've obtained permanent work, clearing the way for my work permit.
  • Ring Arbetsförmedlingen on Monday and let them know that I have obtained work
  • After I receive any payment from Handels, cancel my membership there, and sign up to another fack/a-kassa group.
  • Start looking for a new apartment though Blocket, and Halmstadtorget.

Anyways, I'm tired as hell, so thinking of getting into bed and sleeping until lunch time tomrorow! :)


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