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Hump day

Av Gary Fraser - 2 december 2009 16:00

Well, Wednesday. 

Utbildning is finished, which is nice, I dunno what it was, but sitting there all the time, I just wanted to sleep, maybe three times now, I nearly nodded off, and caught myself as my head started to drop.

The business is a bit strange, everyones so nice, the working conditions are so good, and they go to stupidly great lengths to show how much they care for their workers! It's unlike anything I've seen before. Not to mention the pay is good, and I got my pay bumped up on my first day, which no one can complain about.

The group I took the induction with, (there were 9 of us), 2 others are going to be working in the same section (one on day shift and one on night). There's an old guy who likes to talk a bit, and he's really nice, and interesting, although sometimes, stopping to take a breath wouldn't hurt either.

Otherwise tomorrow is the day where I start for real, maybe then I'll feel like I got a job, because at the moment it feels like I've been wasting my days away, just sitting around listening to information.

Car finally decided it didn't want to work anymore today. The clutch is knackered, and I don't know when I'm going to be able to fix it. Gonna have to fix it before I sell it, although the car has become very difficult under the last month, and especially in the last few days when its frozen as much on the inside of the car as the out. Considering holding onto it until spring, and then getting rid of it, if I get the repairs done, I should be able to ask for a bit more money.

A-kassa is STILL not resolved. They're a bunch of jerks really, and I'm a bit tired of the bullshit. Have had a new form sent down which arrived today, and I'll send it out tonight, so it should be up there on Friday, and maybe I'll get an answer by the middle of next week, although I've given up on them to be honest. They're a waste of time and money, and a perfect example that the social welfare side of society here is well beyond time for a change.

The last remaining issue now is money. Quite simply, I have none. I've applied for a bank loan, but now been told to go in and resolve it in the office, which in all probability, won't be approved. With Rent, food, two bills which MUST be resolved before the 25th, and of course food, I'm essentially 7000 short (and I would prefer to get the car fixed before the lager moves to Kärleken, so probably 3-4000 more)

I've decided that even if the Prague job comes, I'm not going to take it. I've been very unimpressed with their timekeeping and professionalism. They haven't met ONE of their deadlines, which they set, as well as the second interview was conducted in a very ordinary fashion. Even despite deciding to stay, I'm still sure I don't want to go out anymore, it's a bit sad, and strange, but at the same time, it feels right. I don't really have the willpower or confidence to face people outside of work. Yes, I was out for dinner last night, and it was fun, if it can be called that, and I'm going to the work party on friday, but won't be going to town after. I just don't want to be out anymore....I guess it's come from being locked in my own apartment 5-6 days a week for three months. Making new friends isn't an interest of mine, and finding a new girlfriend or dating is definitely not on my to-do list. It feels now that I just want to work, earn the money and save what I need to, and then in 6 months-1 year, I can decide what i want to do then.


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