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Av Gary Fraser - 6 december 2009 23:46

Just a short one tonight.

Had a dead weekend, achieved exactly nothing, except a bit of cleaning and putting on the winter tyres today (and half the dishes)

Had the work party on Friday night, was sorta fun, and sorta tough at the same time.....one thing about meeting a lot of new people at the same time is the repeated questions....and if I know Frodo...which, sorry to say, I don't. Got to meet some nice people anyways, and danced a bit, but was still home before midnight, passing up a chance to go out...and it feels a bit weird when I don't really know anyone anyways.

So, home yesterday and today, Willys had their julfest yesterday. Sucked not to be there and see everyone together for one last time, but thats the way the cookie crumbles really.

So I sat home drinking whiskey instead, good fun, got right roasted too. Talked to Astride for the first time in ages, and the idea of a weekend holiday in France can be revived again now, maybe once I start getting paid again.

Money situation isn't resolved yet, hope to do it tomorrow or tuesday. Otherwise I'll have enough to cover the rent and food for another month hopefully.

Had a "friend" call me fat today, thanks for that, as if I didn't feel shit about myself enough already, that I need to feel even worse....so that made my day

Anyways, back to work tomorrow, so I shouid go lie down and read my book

Miss you.


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