Alla inlägg den 7 december 2009

Av Gary Fraser - 7 december 2009 20:00

Things have changed a little over the past week... I've started to dislike evenings.

The friends I always used to talk to, I don't anymore, nor, in most instances, do I want to anymore...One called me fat yesterday (as I think I mentioned), and that took away pretty much any respect I had for them, another has become bitter because their relationship isn't working, and it seems its me thats taking some of the shit for it, so fuck it, the rest, except for one, I always have to message first, so I guess I'm just not much fun to talk to anyways. I came home today, saw no one online I wanted to talk to, and went to sleep from about up, looked online again, and still found no one worth talking to. So now I'm going back to bed. Brydolf is much better company in most cases anyways, at least he doesn't put up a load of bullshit and lies.

Had my first day of order mottagning today, was pretty stressed about it last night, so my sleep was fitful, and I woke at least 15-20 times. Got to work today, and got into it, and would you believe it, it wasn't as bad as I'd thought. There's a lot to remember, lots of checking and paperwork to do, as well as the fact there's going to be a lot of driving to do (when I get the right license). As it is because I don't have the B license for forklifts yet, I can't actually work in there until its done, and since its not happening until after xmas, I'm not going to actually start in there until the education is done, so it will be back to plock later for a few weeks.

Not much else to say, my life is boring at the moment and there's only work going on.....

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