Alla inlägg den 9 december 2009

Av Gary Fraser - 9 december 2009 20:18

Long day at work today, started at 6. Working is a little stressful, basically because of the lack of confidence I have, I'm scared shitless of making mistakes, and I've made a few.

Anyways, got through the day, and had a meeting at the new lager.which went ok, although it took a bit of time.....the whole things sorta messed up a bit, and I dunno.....dunno :S

Basically moving into my own little world a bit. Not going out anytime soon, and no real times booked except for Saturday, which will be fun, but otherwise blah.

The people whom I hung out with so much after the break up and the jobless's become hard to hang out with them now. My reliance on not feeling lonely has gone to an extent, and to a point I can set standards now :S

I dunno, its all rambiing and not making much sense....but still, my dads the best.

And yes, I still miss you

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