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Av Gary Fraser - 13 december 2009 22:07

It's become a case of "mmm whatever" for me today. Tired, frustrated, but basically don't care.

Finally was honest with someone today, and that made me feel better a bit. It was about time that I made the decision to just walk away from things. 

Asides from that, it's been a bit of a shitty weekend, United lost, I was sick this morning (and only bringing up blood) and basically keep feeling like I have to isolate myself more and more from the people who used to be around me, as I've come to realise (or visualise) the falsehoods of people. 

Bank loan meeting on Wednesday, so counting down to that and hoping that I can get everything centralised into one big loan (going for around 30,000, so I can basically get my life back on track). If it comes through, then all the problems are resolved in one go, at least the financial ones.

Pretty much nothing happens in my life anymore. I was in Göteborg yesterday, but it was a short visit, and Liseberg itself wasn't anything that I'd hoped for, given the hype it had been given by people who'd commented on it. I was really disappointed in what was actually there to be honest. But was cool for some company for a while, even if I had to drive 150km to get it. (300 if you include round trips)

Otherwise, I dunno. I never know whether I should be happy that I don't have people causing shit in my life anymore or cry because I know that I'm gonna have to eventually let people in again sooner or later. The whole trust thing has gone, so how the fuck I'm gonna trust someone again after the last relationship is anyones guess.  Saw some photos of her this evening, and she looks happy enough, and good on her, I truly hopes she finds that happiness that I obviously couldn't provide.

Back to work tomorrow, had hoped to find the damn clothes roller I have somewhere, since there's fluff and shit all over my pants and shirt, but alas, it's disappeared till when I don't need it again. Will look properly tomorrow. (Exciting huh?) Looking forward to the overtime thats coming later this week. Extra money is good, and they're paying a shitload for me to work. They're handing out "julkorgar" this week I think, although buggered if I know what I'm going to do with mine, can't and don't want to eat it all on my own. Had thought about giving it to the homeless shelter or something....I dunno.

Time to wrap it up I suppose, up in 7 hours....goodie goodie.


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