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Well fuck

Av Gary Fraser - 16 december 2009 17:15

Not a good afternoon

Bank said no, pretty much flat out because I'm not fast anställd (permanently employed, I'm still on trial). Have no idea how I'm going to manage the next month now. I know I have around 2500 kronor coming in from last month. Plus any money from mum (if it arrives) means that I'm going to get enough to pay the rent, but pretty much nothing else. My food can pretty much be solved through work, by having breakfast and lunch there, and just skipping dinner, which I do most evenings anyways, only leaving weekends to find food for. So now there's other things to concentrate on


Sergel - 700 kr

Cat - ca 400 kr (food/catsand)

Rent - 2900 (covered)

My food:  500 (all 6 weekends until pay day)

Other Long overdue bills - ca 8000

Car insurance: 1800

Total: 11400 kronor +  (without rent)


Transport Styrelsen 2000

Car Repairs 5000

Credit Card 16000 (600 monthly)
TM Konto 150 pm (I have a payment free month, so will use that)

Total: 23000+

Possible future income: 6000 (A-kassa, date unknown)

Stressed as fuck about it all, really tired of all the crap and feeling fucked over by the whole system here. Gonna be training hard tonight.


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