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Av Gary Fraser - 17 december 2009 21:00

Not a bad day overall. Got through work ok, and becoming more and more indepedent and fast. Everyone seems happy enough with my progress so that's good. Nevermind the fact I'm being allowed to break the rules because of circumstances.

Met all the english speakers at work now, and we all seem to be banding together a bit. Sorta cool when I know they've had some of the same experiences as me when it comes to work, women and  life in general.

Been chatting again with Sanna today, earlier it was an argument, but happily enough, it's petered out, and it was pretty civil tonight. Congrats to her being an aunty-to-be in any case. Hope things will only get better from here, was nice when she said she missed my company :)

Got a phone call earlier this evening from someone I used to be at football with, he's looking at starting a new supermarket out in Vallås somewhere, and wants to drag me into it to help on certain aspects, since it's going to involve Axfood. He asked me for any recommendations from Willys, and I recommended one, probably the only one from golvet that  actually would be useful in that sorta store, since then I've thought of one other who might be interested in it, but didn't think of them beforehand, but if he goes ahead with it, I will probably be involved in the setup as much as time allows me to be. I think he'd had me in mind for a job there (maybe Chark, maybe something bigger) but I turned it down flat. Not ready or willing to get back into a supermarket right now, and I'm happy enough at Servera for the time being. It would be cool though to get back into a "consultancy" role again, which I haven't done since I left NZ, and be able to work on aspects of business which don't require me to deal with the day to day aspects, which isn't something I'm very interested in right now.

Asides from that, not too much new stuff to report. Feeling light, and heavy at the same time right now, so hopefully the positives will continue to come....maybe with a cuddly evening on the sofa sometime ;)


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