Alla inlägg den 19 december 2009

Av Gary Fraser - 19 december 2009 14:11 a bit of a pissy mood today to be honest, hope it clears up, although since I'm supposed to be going out later. Worried that I'll see her though, dunno how I'll react

Sat here last night watching "Looking For Eric". If you like football, and understand english humour, I highly recommend it. It's not often I laugh out loud watching movies, and it almost made me cry at the end too (although I had closed in on nearly half a bottle of whiskey by then)

Talking to one of the "former" friends, she said she felt sorry for me because I'll spend both Christmas and New Years alone, and then couldn't answer when I said "Who else would I spend it with?". It's not going to be fun, but in reality it's just another day, as long as you don't turn on the tv, or look at Facebook with all the idiots going "MERRY CHRISTMAS!". The 25th here seems to be a getting drunk day, and everyone goes out and clubs. So to avoid any problems, I'll be staying home (not that I Have money to go out anyways).

It's hard to turn around things when I'm on a downer, One of these days I'll need to get help to find some technique to help deal with it. Otherwise the only ways to get rid of it is to sleep. And I can't sleep 20 hours a day.

Not much else really happening, might have a short night out tonight, and then working again tomorrow from 7-10 and then back into a new week of work on Monday-Wednesday.

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