Alla inlägg den 20 december 2009

Av Gary Fraser - 20 december 2009 16:30

Well, was up for work, car worked, and arrived on time. Although it was a complete waste of time being there, didn't do anything and basically just wiped dust off stuff, at 300kr/h. Can't complain I suppose but I would rather have been in bed.

Somehow I ended up with Mikaelas keys, so I dropped them back to her at work, and sorta half expected to see Sanna there, but turns out it was her ledig day....good and bad I suppose.

Slept half the afternoon, was sure I had a washing time between 3-7 today, but apparently not. Went down to get started to find it was booked by someone else, so obviously I got the times wrong, rebooked for thursday which is a pain.

Asides from that, Western Union was shut both yesterday and today (virus) hope that I can get it tomorrow. Being forced to take an SMS-lån to meet some of the more urgent bills. Definitely not an ideal situation, but what can one do?

Av Gary Fraser - 20 december 2009 02:03

A pretty bad day turned out ok in the end.

Was really off earlier, and then United lost, poorly, which made me even worse, stupid thoughts were entering my head, and it got exacerbated even further when the night out got cancelled. Little after, I got offered to go around to Mikaelas house, eat thai and chill a little with her and Jennie. So went around, and after Jennie went home, Mikaela and I sat and chatted until about 12.30 Was nice, and I talked WAY too much, but I guess that happens when you don't have company for a week outside of work, and a week before that, etc etc. So I think I talked the socks off her, but it was a nice evening anyways, with the odd fat porn joke, and me crushing other guys in bed (sorta had to be there).

Working tomorrow, not really looking forward to it (have to be up in less than 4 hours for it, not impressed). But its only 3 hours, so I'm sure I can survive it. Nothing a Berocca can't fix in the short term anyways.

A few messages tonight, made me feel ok, although sad that she wasn't going to have an enjoyable night out with friends. But hope she's alright anyways.

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