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Av Gary Fraser - 28 december 2009 22:09

Just a quickie tonight, cold, and tired, and looking forward to hopping back into bed, having already slept two hours.

Been thinking about her all day :( really fucks me up, but not much I can do about it. Doing all I can to stop myself feeling bitter (no particular reason, just feels easier) and wishing things were easier. The whole conversation yesterday, for it to end as it did, just confused me even more.

Talked to an old friend today, who said that I' d changed almost unrecognisably. I guess since the shit started going down, I've had to protect myself a bit, especially from all the people who are out there just to hurt others when they're down so the said people can feel better about themselves. Totally tired of the people who are so gutless that they need to spread rumours behind peoples backs, its like being a fucking teenager again. So, easy solution, break contact, and have nothing to do with their pathetically petty lives. My lifes not exactly great either, but at least I can hold a certain morality to my behaviour.

Works going alright. They're pushing for a 5th person now in ankommande, which I'm not the happiest with. Simply because, no matter what it is I actually do, until I sign a permanent contact, I'm bottom of the heap, so if they overstaff, it will be me who's kicked off first. Not exactly a comfortable feeling. But it's out of my control, so I guess I just have to work as hard and as much as possible, and then see what happens in April-May. Still haven't ruled out a move away yet, if it doesn't go the way I want it.

Otherwise, training at work before I start again tomorrow (5am starts will kill me, I'm sure of it) got a little träningsverk (pain from training) but it will pass, shows my muscles are growing ;) (which they are, my biceps are bigger than they've been since I was working at Nitator)

Aja....time to sleep I suppose


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