Alla inlägg den 16 januari 2010

Av Gary Fraser - 16 januari 2010 20:08

So much for pizza and a movie. I know someone out there will be smiling at this.

Working tomorrow, but have no drive at the moment. Absolutely lost all interest in everything again, and just want to curl up and sleep forever. Feeling very sad right now.

So be it, just a regular day in the life.

Av Gary Fraser - 16 januari 2010 13:22

Had a night out last night, was completely ok. Went round to a work mates place, had a few drinks, and then went into Harrys. I didn't want to go into town, but I let myself be talked into it, and we ended up there until closing time, checking out the girls, and just discussing anything and everything under the sun. Ran into a few people I knew, but was really happy I didn't run into Sanna, Madde or any of the other former Willys "friends" I had. So overall it was a good night. In no hurry to go out on the town again though.

Woke up this morning to a lot of noise from my computer, and have since found out the boot sector is fucked. Really pissed about it, but not much I can do, a new external hard drive should be arriving early next week, so basically the computer just has to last until then. Then I can get the new windows system on the external, and send in the hard drive for warranty repairs.

Football on tv soon :) Then later going to Mikaela for pizza and movies. Looking forward to it :)

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