Alla inlägg den 21 januari 2010

Av Gary Fraser - 21 januari 2010 18:10

I really am a sucker for punishment. the week had been going ok, the depression wasn't too bad, and was easily managable. Then I got a comment on a photo on facebook, which involved her, and I clicked, and of course, nosey, nosey, saw the New Years photos, with, naturally, the pathological liar having his arm around her. Yeah it is jealousy, to a point. The thing is, it's not the jealousy where I want her back, it's the jealousy that he doesn't deserve that luxury. Mind, she can do what she wants, and no doubt, she probably is.

So yeap, dragged myself down again, and it's not very fun being here, that much is certain. Have my first appointment next week, and hope to finally clear things out with how angry I am, over her and her bullshit and secrets, and all the other crap that's happened over the past 6 months. Dunno how it will go, but i hope I get to have an appointment more than once a month.

Still no closer to allowing anyone in, have had a little interest in someone, but that's not worked out (of course), mind doesn't help when you're all bitter and twisted.

Anyways, more overtime at work tomorrow, and then a "gathering" out in Tylösand, they want me to come into town later, but I have neither the money nor the interest in doing so.

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