Alla inlägg den 22 januari 2010

Av Gary Fraser - 22 januari 2010 01:44

Quarter to two, and wide awake thanks to an email I got. I'm so angry and stressed I'm shaking. But, apparently I'm not allowed to share my thoughts on it, or else I'll get another email saying "so and so said this".  so fuck it, fine, I won't write ANYTHING regarding that subject again, despite the pain and bitterness it causes me, I know what I've seen and read, so despite everything, even if I don't write it, I'll think it. Happy now? Good, leave me the fuck alone.

Just want to clear my head, forget everything regarding it existed and move on. Most likely, I'll never be able to truly do that before I leave here. I don't trust people easily, and when I feel like that trust has been lost, it's impossible for me to give it back, and I felt that most people in my life has abused and lost that trust, so now I feel alone, but I can deal, because before yesterday evening, it's the best I've felt in over a year, simply because I know that anything I have in my life isn't false.

But ok, I'll draw a line under everything. Forget these people ever existed, and know that I'm far better off without them. It's a learning experience, and I'll come out of it knowing that I won't allow anyone to let me feel like that again.

I will try and sleep again now. Another long day at work ahead.

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