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Rubrik saknas

Av Gary Fraser - 27 januari 2010 20:07

Been a full on week this week. Worked 12 hour today (give or take 15 minutes) so pretty tired, but definitely determined to stay up and watch the football that starts in an hour with a cold one. Work is improving, and the error rate is dropping, which is good, releases some of the stress.

Had my first meeting on Monday, she's pretty good, although of course I did most of the talking. I was pretty stressed, so a few dates I got a bit muddled, but otherwise, it seemed to go well, and I have my next meeting on the tenth.

She asked a lot about my (remaining) friends and family, getting a grip on my support network I guess. And I came to some realisations on some things (and someone) which, due to the public nature of this blog, and some of the people who read it, I won't be sharing.

Was feeling a bit.....surprised? last night, was just chatting, and bang, was alone, just like that. The nature of it seemed a bit strange, and I guess  I'm seeing something that wasn't there, but left me a bit sad none the less.

The external arrived, and I'm a bit pissed, because It won't install WIN7, which doesn't install on externals or plug n plays. A bit annoyed, because it means I require an external, at around 650 kronor. As if I didn't have enough bills already. Dad's gonna help out  (again) although I gotta stop letting myself be a charity case. Not good for the self confidence.

Asides from that, not a great deal happening, overtime again tomorrow. Looking REALLY forward to my payslip next month.


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