Alla inlägg den 17 februari 2010

Av Gary Fraser - 17 februari 2010 21:23

Well, it was a good day at work, was positive and happy and laughing. Even managed to get some Lamb cheaply, so in terms of work (asides from the usual accident) it was a pretty good day.

Come home, and everything changes. I'm tired, short tempered, feeling like crap, and just generally hate everything I am. I look at everyone else, and they're moving on with their lives, meeting new people, finding what it is that they're searching for. I feel like I'm just going backwards.

Supposed to be hanging out on Sunday, but just feel that she'd be much happier hanging out with the person who makes her so happy, even if they don't want to spend 24/7 together, it stills feels like he could at least provide her with a better afternoon than I ever could (no dirtiness intended).

I dunno, I don't think its "feeling sorry for myself" it's more "seeing no worth in my presence around others"

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