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Av Gary Fraser - 28 februari 2010 18:59

Not really blogging that much these days, don't really feel the need, and often I don't feel like sharing my thoughts when I know certain undesirable people have access to them, joys of a blog, and I guess I could just change blog address, but can't be assed.

Lots has been happening. Working heaps, which isn't anything new, but saving for a trip to Paris in April to go stay with Astride for a weekend, nothings confirmed, but looking positive, and will book the tickets next pay, and who knows what will happen, maybe things will pick up again. Planning other trips too over the coming months, and of course, planning for the big trip home at Christmas to see my family, so things are definitely progressing forward. The Contract for the apartment is done and dusted, which is nice, now just the stress of changing over the Internet and TV left to resolve. Looking forward to moving on with my life and continuing cleaning out the "closet" of memories that have come about during my time living in this place. It's sorta strange, everything bad happened as soon as I moved in here.

Also got some good news this week. Looks like I'll be becoming a permanent resident very soon, which is nice. No more stress about risking deportation, and now that opens up the entirety of Europe to me without having to start again. Got even better on Friday, having dinner with Mikaela. Had HEAPS of fun, lots of laughing, and it seems we share some of the same sick humour, which is really good. Unfortunately the evening's fun got curtailed with a phone call from Willys saying that Jennie had gone home and that her grandfather was dying. Very sad to hear.

Was down in Malmö yesterday, playing cricket, but was REALLY disappointed, because only 5 people showed up, and I was having trouble with my bowling action again, although one of the guys attributes it to the hall that we'd changed to. I dunno, hope it's not a permanent thing. Worked this morning, and then went to Olivers to watch the Carling Cup final, which, despite being slightly tainted by a neanderthal idiot, was good to watch. The food was good, and company too, and even better, United won :)

Still having my up and down days, more up than down now, although I still feel sad over several aspects of my life, and the things that have gone, but some of the "true" friends that I have, who have remained through all the bullshit and lies that I was surrounded in, have helped me through, and some new ones have come in, so it feels like to those former people I just feel like it's a big resounding "FUCK YOU" to all the people who hurt me, and that nothing is going to stop me. But it feels good not to put so much energy on hating those people.

Suppose that'll have to do for updates for now. Will try and update a little more often during the weeks.


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