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Av Gary Fraser - 1 december 2008 21:51

Had a rough day today, so depression food kicked in a little. Had a korv, and a beer, although otherwise kept to the program. Shouldn't affect my weight too much, and by last check I still think I'll be dropping when I weigh in again tomorrow.

Things haven't fallen my way today, as it sometimes happens. I think a big problem with my weight is the fact that I eat when I'm depressed, and I've been depressed a lot lately. I had a 5 day period where everything seemed to be getting better, and the weight fell away like nothing else, and everything was easy, but back to the grind. Tomorrow I have a free day after 8am, so basically going to clean the house, play with the dog when he comes around and sleep, nothing but sleep.

Av Gary Fraser - 30 november 2008 14:04

Well things are progressing well, despite my occasional lapse ;)

After one day, I had dropped a kilo to 89,1. And yesterday I weighed in at 87,4 as the sugar glands clear out. Yesterday I had a lapse, and had a little chocolate while I watched a dvd. Things are on the right track though, and I'm not starving myself, which is good.

Hopefully in the next month or so I can keep dropping the weight.

Av Gary Fraser - 28 november 2008 08:16

Well, yesterday I started it, two days late, but better late then never. I never have a good first day, so gave in with a small sandwich in the evening, but otherwise, kept to the plans for the day. Began with a meal replacement drink, had a light salad for lunch, and another meal replacement drink for dinner. I didn't have time to weigh myself yesterday, so we will take my beginning weight from today.

Woke up this morning feeling headachy (probably from the lack of sugar) but slept reasonably well for the first time in probably over a week.

 Had thought about uploading a before and after photo, but don't want to scare anyone ;) so will probably just have my "own" before and after photos.

Goal weight: 80 kilo.

Beginning weight: 90.1 kilo 

Weight remaining: 10.1 kilo.

Av Gary Fraser - 19 november 2008 22:44

Ok, I've been procrastinating long enough, time to get serious on this.

Tuesday the 25th, shall I undertake the final step in my weight loss plan, the aim is to go down to 80kg max. As well as to work on improving my fitness.

So on Tuesday, will my first weight be written in (or maybe wednesday, because I can't buy anything until after work on Tuesday). And from there, will there be a daily entry on if I've stuck to the food regime, and what I've done for exercise, feelings etc.

So, until Tuesday, this category will remain a little empty....

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